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Personal Injury

Personal injury is a category of legal claims that deal with individual harm. They generally fall under the broader category of tort law, which is one of the major areas of law (the others being criminal, property, and contract), though they may also include issues relating to other areas such as property law. Tort cases are always civil cases, which means no criminal penalties are attached. There is a judge at trial, and there can be a jury. No one goes to jail for a tort. Monetary compensation is the most common solution.

Representing clients throughout Oklahoma, Brendan McHugh has the resources to handle a wide range of Personal Injury claims, including:
  • Spinal Cord Injuries - The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves running from the base of the brain down the back. The spinal cord is fragile and is protected by the vertebrae. Spinal cord injury occurs with the vertebrae are fractured. The severity of the injury depends upon the location of the vertebrae fracture.

  • Brain Injuries - Most individuals who have sustained a brain injury will suffer from permanent damage. When the negligence of another person or entity causes this type of irreversible damage to an innocent person, he or she may be entitled to compensation.

  • Burn Injuries - A burn injury is perhaps the most painful type of injury. In addition to the immeasurable physical pain, the burn victim can experience emotional pain.

  • Premises Injuries - Property owners have a responsibility to reasonably maintain their premises free from hazards and defects which could cause harm to others who could reasonably be expected to enter the premises. Premises liability includes a variety of claims, including but not limited to injuries or assaults which occurred in locations such as:
    • businesses
    • swimming pools
    • parking lots
    • malls
    • school buildings
    • amusement parks
    • construction sites

  • Dog Bites - Property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe for visitors to the property. Dog owners are responsible for their dogs' actions. When an individual is legally on a person's property and is bit by the property owner's dog, the injured person may be entitled to take legal action.

  • Construction Accidents - Owners and contractors have an obligation to keep the work site safe. If there is an accident, you may be able to bring a claim against the owner or general contractor as well as a workers' compensat ion claim.

  • Defective Product Injuries - Manufacturers are required to make safe products. When manufacturers fail in this obligation, they are strictly liable for all damages caused by the defective product and must pay damage compensa tion to the victim. Product liability cases require creativity, imagination, determination and the resources to cover the high expenses involved.

  • Wrongful Death - Wrongful death cases may arise when a spouse, parent, or child is fatally injured in an accident, due to medical malpractice, an assault, or any other situation caused by carelessness, negligence, or wrongfu l conduct of another. Such tragedies cause enormous pain and grief, and they create financial hardship for survivors.