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Criminal Defense

A criminal conviction will follow you for your lifetime. Whether you have been arrested for DUI, drug possession, or a violent crime, you want to do everything possible to fight the charges and minimize the potential damages along the way. Brendan McHugh will provide those facing criminal allegations accused with an aggressive criminal defense.

Representing clients throughout Oklahoma, Brendan McHugh handles cases in both state and federal court. Brendan McHugh has the resources to handle a wide range of criminal charges, including:
  • DUI arrest - Every drunk driving charge involves criminal charges. and an administrative hearing. Prepared to handle both, we will protect your rights in court and at your DMV license suspension hearing.

  • Drug Charges - Taking cases at both the state and federal level, our criminal defense practice handles many drug charges, including possession, distribution, and trafficking, involving a wide range of drugs, such as marijuana and meth.

  • Violent Crimes - From assault and battery to sexual assault and homicide, there are serious consequences for a violent crimes conviction. We will seek the best possible resolution to the charges, whether it is an acquittal, a dismissal of the charges, or a plea agreement that reduces the penalties you face.

  • Criminal Mental Health Defense - Providing effective representation is more important when the accused is suffering from the health challenges and/or a mental illness. Brendan has counseling available with the skill and time required to assess and manange these cases.